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1. no back pass to keeper allowed also off the wall unless through a header or chest. if the goal keeper picks up the ball a free kick is awarded.

2. no back tackle allowed

3. no two on one ie two people cannot tackle one player

4. holding onto the nets is a foul

5. no slide tackles allowed

6. when a blue card is issued to a player the player goes off for two minutes. once opposition scores he can come back within 2 minutes or which ever occurs first.

7. when a yellow card is issued the player goes off for 2 minutes and will stay for the complete 2 minutes even if opposition scores

8. when a red card is issued the player will be sent off immediately  and the team will play with one less player for the whole duration of the game. the referee will write a brief report on the offense and a decision will be taken on whether there will be match bans depending on the nature of the offense and if the said player is a repeated offender.

9. the referees decision is final.

10. a team consist of 12 registered players.

11. rolling subs. the games are 6 a side . a goal keeper and 5 players. if at anytime a team has more then 6 players on the field and scores the goal will be disallowed. if the opposition team scores the goal stands.

12. penalty. penalties  are taken with one foot next to the ball. no run ups allowed

13. the goalkeeper cannot kick the ball over the middle line directly. but has to place the ball down and can score or can throw any where in the field, and can score with a throw.

14.the goal keeper has 5 seconds to release the ball.

15. only one player is allowed in a corner and has five seconds to kick the ball.

16. free kicks and out balls has to be taken in 5 seconds. if a player prevents the free kick from being taken a yellow card will be issued.

17. only one player is allowed in the wall and should be 2 metres from ball.

18. no player is allowed to play for different teams in the same division. but can play in other divisions.

19. no bicycle or scissor kick allowed

20. there is no off side rule

21. no chewing gum and no wearing of jewelry

22. no metal studs or metal capped boots allowed

23. if very bad weather occurs with thunder and lighting then the game will be rescheduled. if 27 minutes of the game was played the result will stand.

24. all games start on time if there are 3 or more players the game begins. if for some reason the opposition team is late after 5 minutes the 3 points will be awarded to the team that is present. the team that is late will start with 2 goals against them if they come onto the pitch under 5 minutes,

25. all  games are 40 minutes. half time is 3 minutes.


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